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BMM aims to be a force within systemic structures, that provide empowering opportunities to males by providing a wholistic approach to enrichment and student development that will enable them to be an impact in their community.

A movement for males,  that provides enrichment activities,  mentorship, educational support, career skills development, and social justice advocacy.

The main objective of BMM is to become a movement that will deploy support and develop male leaders in the community and beyond. Furthermore, BMM is a movement that is dedicated to enriching the lives of male youth, social justice work, mentoring, education, and career development, and youth from marginalized backgrounds. BMM’s goal is to also engage a community of leaders that provide empowering resources for students and their family. BMM also aim to be a social educational resource providing parent workshops and training, youth enrichment, social support, healthy living opportunities, financial literacy, and mental health advocacy for the community.